About Us

The Agojo Lifestyle Strip is not your run of the mill strip mall.  With over 40 establishments to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone at The Lifestyle Strip.

Located at the heart of Santo Tomas Batangas, the Lifestyle Strip caters to the specific needs of its patrons while appealing to all lifestyles across the board. We continually strive to move with the changing times to ensure customer satisfaction, while maintaining our commitment to provide quality lifestyle and culinary choices.  Shopping, dining, pampering, fitness, personal and banking needs – you can find it all here at The Lifestyle Strip.

The Lifestyle Strip is conveniently located near industrial parks, hospitals, banks and schools – it’s easily accessible from whatever point you may be coming from, be it from the provinces further South or coming in from Manila. Midway Shell Service Station, also owned and operated by the Agojos, is located at the center of the Lifestyle Strip to provide your petroleum needs.

Experience all this and more.  Experience The Lifestyle Strip.